As in the Greek Creta labyrinth in which Teseo had gained the exit thanks to the Arianna wire, our association “Il filo di Arianna – Onlus” wishes to help and support all the disadvantaged people like:

  • Immigrants with regular “permesso di soggiorno”
  • Long term unemployed
  • Workers aged over 40-50

organizing and realizing free training courses, capable to develop knowledge and professionality, allowing to operate in a competent and effective way in the Italian  entrepreneurship and in the self-employment world.

The association mission is to give to all economically disadvantaged people, the wire to find a new way to realize their potentiality, full control over their life, the possibility to become what them can become, through the development of their free creativity to express and realize themselves.

The Association, in collaboration with PerMicro, first Italian company specialized in microcredits supply, wish to offer to all our training courses participants, the possibility to get small fundings, to start and develop a own professional activity, or insert in the job market.

As well as the training courses, the Association, in collaboration with university professors and professionals, gives assistance and tutoring to the project attenders, and has published the Miniguida per gli imprenditori immigrati nella Provincia di Roma to show all the services offered by the territory, in favour of the immigrant entrepreneurs.